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Grauvell Cut Bait




Lure:                           Grauvell Cut Bait

Version:                      Size 1/0 Green/Yellow

Price:                          Euros 5.82 (Pack of 2)

Species caught:      Tumbrell (Frigate mackerel / Bullet Tuna)

Date:                           Saturday 26th January 2008



My first impression of the newly launched Grauvell Cut Bait lure was that it appeared to be an overgrown artistically crafted fly fishing lure… not quite the typical plasticy trolling lure which we are all used to. Mister Fish had the lure in a range of colours, each of which would be ideal for differing weather conditions, sea state and fish species. However, for the application which I had in mind, deep afternoon trolling for tumbrell, my eyes immediately fell on the highly visible Green/Yellow version, with a small red tuft at the head which perfectly covers the hook. All this combined with the glittery & puffy/airy body of this lure, gave me the gut feeling that this lure would perform well.


My strategy was to position this lure at the furthest end of our 24 hook tumbrell handline – there you want something which really attracts the fish towards your lures, whilst trolling at a speed of just under 4 knots.


The day in question came just 2 days after a strong Force 8 Gregale wind had battered our coast. By the time that we left harbour, around 1pm, the swell had died down, but the sea remained very murky, which led us to head further offshore untill the water became clearer. Almost right as soon as the water turned from murky green to a clearer deeper blue, we got the first strike, and after retrieving the line, we found our fish – a good sized tumbrell, right at the back… on our Grauvell Cut Bait lure – an impressive hit very early in our trip!


Given this, we added the weight on our line, and within a few minutes, we got yet another strike – this time both on the Grauvell Cut Bait lure as well as on a few of the other lures preceding it – leading me to believe that this lure was really fulfilling the important role of a powerful attractor/catcher at the furthest end of our line.


As sunset approached, we got other hits, this time on the surface lures, leading us to return to smaller weights – but the Grauvell Cut Bait Lure’s performance was not over yet. In one instance we were still letting the line out, when halfway through this process, a powerful tug came on the line. Shifting back to retrieving the line,
we found another tumbrell … tugging firmly at our Grauvell Cut Bait lure.


At the end of the day, our catch totalled 44 fish, with our Grauvell lure claiming an honourable 3 fish by itself, complemented by the remaining 41 fish over our other 23 hand-made lures.


Following the battering which the lure received from these fish, we simply treated it to a freshwater rinse, and upon drying the lure returned to intact condition – hook and all, seemed to be straight out of the box.


I cannot fail to compliment Grauvell on this Cut Bait lure and I definitely intend granting it a permanet place in my trolling tackle box – for use not only for tumbrell, but also as a multi-purpose lure, both on handlines as well as on the lighter boat rods,  targeting all sorts of the local small tuna family such as kubrit (Little Tunny), kavalli (Atlantic Mackerel), plamti (Atlantic Bonito) and tunnaggi (Tunny).


Test Review by: Jonathan Sammut - www.BoatLinkMalta.com