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Basic Yacht Sailing


Basic Yacht Sailing

Course Duration: 16 hours


Course Details:


This course will take you through a structured practical programme on board a fully equipped sailing yacht. 


This course will enable you to reach a skill level where you will be able of safely sailing a yacht yourself, without the assistance of an instructor, given that conditions are reasonable enough. You can choose to split this course into 8 or 4 hour sessions.


Topics covered:

  • Boating and sailing terminology
  • Wind awareness
  • Hoisting, un/furling & reefing sails
  • Sailing on all points of sail
  • Sail setting
  • Tacking & gybing
  • Picking up a buoy / Anchoring
  • Reading marine charts
  • Using a VHF
  • Ropework
  • Elementary rules of the road
  • Things to consider when buying a yacht.

A certificate is issued to all students who complete a course successfully.


For further information, Email us  or phone +356 9988 2615.



Yacht Sailing Picture Gallery


Dawn At Sea








Setting Off At Dawn












Blue Sea









Our Boat... The Blue Sky... Blue Sea!











Sailing Into The Sunset









Sailing Back Home Into The Sunset 













Godwin & Chris Saliba

Me and my brother had never been on a sailing boat before but the Basic Sailing Course was a great introduction to sailing for us new-comers to the sport. The instructor is very good at helping you learn the basics; through easy-to-follow explanations and hands-on experience. At first it might seem daunting; especially when after just an hour of theory you are asked to give a hand in guiding the boat out of the marina or to raise the sails but it was great fun. The course was very well structured and each new topic that was introduced built up on the one before; thus learning was gradual but constant. The instructor was also extremely patient with us two landlubbers and helped us make most of the experience. But in the end the whole course can be summed up as lots of fun. There is not much else that can give you a better experience in life. But beware: this course will make you fall in love with sailing.


Jonathan,once more thanks for the fantastic experience; we learned a lot and it was great fun. I also wish to thank you for your never-ending patience.


Claudine Despott:

'Catch the breeze....Its just plain SAILING!!'

When my friend suggested a sailing course with the BoatLink Sailing School I was a bit wary since I am not exactly a hardy sea farer ... however the beginners' course, which we split over four afternoons, turned out to be an extremely enjoyable experience that i would definitely recommend to all those who have a minimal love for the sea and wish to distance themselves from the hectic pace of life ashore.  

The Instructors, Jonathan & Kathleen, are not only experienced sailors but also infinitely patient! They enabled us to successfully complete and acquire the basic sailing skills, through constant individual attention, and by giving clear and precise hands-on instructions.  

The course begins with safety at sea tutoring, progressing with instructions in lifting anchor and ultimately sailing and berthing. But thats not all! In fact the course goes beyond the standard sailing course in that we also learnt to master a variety of manouvers at sea including 'Man Overboard', 'Collecting Buoys at Sea' and many others!

The feeling of lifting anchor and moving away from shore is truly indescribable. Only upon personally experiencing the beautiful serene waters that surround our island, can one truly appreciate the blissful sensation of leaving the urban noise behind, as the waves lap gently at the side of our boat 'Kate' while she glides gently into a peaceful world of deep blue sea and gorgeous sunsets.  

There's definitely nothing more to say except that if you have a passion for the beauty of the mediterranean and wish to become fully skilled in manning a boat at sea this is DEFINITELY the course for you!