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Sailing School


Professional Sailing Tuition With
The BoatLink Sailing School

Sailing may be described as the utmost experience for all adventure, outdoor and sea lovers. Whilst sailing, one experiences a perfect harmony between boat, wind and sea. Malta offers perfect conditions for sailing with blue seas, clear skies and ideal winds for most of the year. Being onboard a sailing boat will enable you to experience the backdrop of the Maltese islands from an altogether different perspective.

If you have never set foot on a sailing boat and would like to immerge yourself into the fascinating world of sailing, then a BoatLink course is designed to set you off on just the right track. Sailing is a sport which can be enjoyed by everyone; young and old alike and it is never too late to take up this exhilarating pastime.

BoatLink courses are also ideal for those who have gone for the occasional sail yet would like to improve their skills with some structured training.

The JonInstructors


Our instructors are fully qualifed by the Malta Sailing Federation.

Apart from our skills in sailing and teaching, we stand out in our passion for the sport. This ensures that you will be exposed to the true spirit of sailing.

The approach used is very friendly and informal, with a constant emphasis being placed on the fun and humorous side of sailing.

This ensures that your sailing experience with us will be as uniquely enjoyable as much as it is instructive.